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Shoulders, Arms, Wrists

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Shoulders - my Achilles Heel! 🤷‍♀️

Most of you know I have a calcification in my left shoulder and my range of motion (ROM) is quite limited. This time last year I had to ask my husband for help with putting on a sports bra 😳 I wasn't able to complete such an mundane task by myself.... I was in agony 😢

I was told I need to learn how to manage the pain and rest my shoulder, there's nothing can be done to help.

Well, that is not the way I live my life, so resting my shoulder and making peace with my pain wasn't an option for me.

I have spent a lot of time studying shoulder biomechanics to rehabilitate my own shoulders, (please note I am NOT a physio). Slowly but surely by regular & consistent correct exercises, I have managed to improve trajectory of my shoulder, increase strength and mobility and at the same time, decrease pain.

Enough about me, what I am saying is, I can help you to strengthen your shoulders!

▪︎are looking to live a pain free life

▪︎be able to reach your arms over the head pain free

▪︎get stronger in All 4's position or a Plank position to build strength in the rest of your body

▪︎want to pick your baby off the crib or a floor pain free

▪︎want to play golf or tennis

▪︎go for a walk with your dog without worry he will pull your shoulder off (that's me 😉)

Join me in this challenge. 👊

I often hear people saying "I do have naturally rounded shoulders", well there's nothing natural in that. You may have had rounded shoulders for most of your life due to incorrect posture, work environment, modern life style, just to name a few .... rounded shoulders can give you neck pain, headaches, weak abdominals, lower back pain..... that is why it is so important to spend at least 10 min a day to see how much you can improve in a week and then think what could happen if you would regularly incorporate those exercises into your daily life.

As with all other exercises, you need to maintain correct posture and breathing to engage your abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor. Pilates is a holistic concept towards all exercises, which means in every move you are working the whole body, by stabilising some muscles and isolating others.

I hope you will join the accompanying challenge, set yourself a reminder 🔔 to complete at least one set per day. If some of the exercises are not suitable for you and you feel like you hiking your shoulders up then avoid this particular exercise and focus on others. If 10 repetitions are too much for you, reduce the number, however make sure you keep it challenging.

⭐ First 6 min of the video I am explaining the exercises and the technique.

⭐ Next 12 min, I am doing one round, so you can do it with me if you like. I am there with you all the way and remember I participate in all the challenges with YOU, we are in it TOGETHER! 👍

One round is better than NONE! 💪

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