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Who I am...

I have discovered Pilates through my various running injuries. I have been running since 2015 and I have been going to the gym regularly, however, that did not save me from common running injuries like runner's knee, sciatica pain or IT Band (iliotibial) issues. As a very energetic person I never thought Pilates was for me, my perception was, it is too slow and too boring. How wrong was I? 

Today, I wish someone would have introduced me to Pilates a lot sooner. I signed up for a Classical Pilates Mat 6 weeks course to speed up my recovery as per my physio's recommendations and I fell in love with the concept straight away. To the point that I started researching Pilates classes online and practicing it at home between my weekly classes. I was thirsty for more knowledge about the system and it's creator, I wanted to know the WHY behind the WHAT in each and every move. I noticed the changes happening to my body after a month of regular practice and there was no stopping me. At that point I worked in a corporate world for over a decade and as much as I enjoyed my work, I didn't love it! I was coming home from sitting at my desk for eight hours, wearing a pair of heels and commuting for the best part of 2 to 3 hours, my body was aching all over and I was stressed. My posture was suffering, my back was sore and no matter how many hours a week I spent in the gym or running pavements, I was seeing limited results and was depleted. My only savior was my Pilates practice in between. Don't get me wrong, I love running and I still continue to run regularly, however, I always say "running is for my head, Pilates is for my body & soul". At the age of 40 I have completed Dublin City Marathon in 3h 57min and I enjoyed every minute of it. I strongly believe that Pilates had helped me to prepare my body for that endurance and speed up my recovery afterwards.

Pilates concept is not to replace any other activities you choose to do, Pilates will make everything easier. As Joe used to say "When all your muscles are properly developed you will, as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure" and I truly resonate with those words. 


My new found love of Pilates made an easy decision for me to seek qualification as a teacher and introduce the wonderful world of Pilates to others like me who are sceptical about it. After completing BASI Pilates (Body Art and Science International) Mat Intensive Teacher Training course with Pilates Classical Repertoire at its core - it was the time to leave the corporate world behind me. The mind and body connection in Pilates changed the way I'll move forever and I am enjoying a strong and balanced body ever since. I know this will sound too good to be true but Pilates can be a low cost format of exercise, you don't need any fancy equipment to do Pilates - just a mat. The truth is, mat work was created before equipment so everybody could therefore do Pilates, everyday. Yes, the mat work can be pretty hard! That is why I start my clients with modified Pilates first to build them up towards classical repertoire. It is important to remember that anyone can do Pilates wherever you are and whenever you want.


500 hours - Global Comprehensive Teacher Training BASI UK

250 hours - Mat Intensive Teacher Training BASI UK 

64 hours - MOTR Instructor Training Balanced Body

110 hours - Mat Pilates Training ITEC L3

43 hours - Anatomy & Physiology ITEC L3

50 hours - Classical Ballet QQI level 5 (15 FET Credits)

16 hours - Ante & Postnatal Specialisation APPI 

Sports Nutrition QQI L6 (15 FET Credits)

Nutrition & Health Coach BTEC L3

Workshops CPD:

Power of Aging BASI

Pilates for the Elderly Client in Today's Times NPCP

Understanding Breathing BASI

Understanding The Pelvic Floor PMA & PAA

Shoulder Biomechanics PMA & PAA

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