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Chest Opener

This week we are going to follow up from last week's shoulder work. It is a 5 min chest opener. We are living in a forward flex posture either working on the computer or being on the mobile phone.

Also, if you are a new mum and you are breastfeeding or carrying your baby in your arms you will automatically round your shoulders forward and elevate your shoulders towards the ears, which will create tension in your shoulders and neck.

Usually when we have our shoulders rounded our upper spine also rounds forward (creating kyphosis), equally we would have increased curve in our lower spine by tilting our pelvis forward (creating lordosis), that would give us a pain in the lower back.

This stretch will correct the curvature in the upper spine and automatically it will decrease the curvature in the lower spine, same eliminating the pain with regular practice.

Hopefully you will give it a try 😉


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