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1 person

€50 for 1h session.

5 x 1h = €225

(€5 saving per session).


2 people

€80 for 1h = €40 p/p.

5 x 1h = €350 Total

(€5 saving per session).

BASI Pilates Studio Sessions

Are you looking for private sessions to make sure your set up is correct, so you get the most benefit out of Pilates method, or would like to take a few private sessions prior to joining a group class.


Perhaps, you've had experience in a group Pilates class and there are exercises you are not sure of the alignment. Maybe you are not 100% sure are you following all of the instructions correctly and you would like me to watch you execute the exercises and immediately correct them, to ensure you get all the benefits from a group class in the future. 

In Studio we are using small assists and props to better our practice, but also to provide us with feedback which is essential to achieve progression. We are using: Overball, Physio Ball, Pilates Roller, Resistance Bands, Small Weights, Spine Corrector, MOTR, Flexi Discs....etc

Who Studio Classes are for:

  • If you have back pain?

  • If you  have neck pain?

  • If you have knee pain?

  • If you looking to correct your posture?

  • If your hips are tight?

  • If you suffer from arthritis?

  • If you are pregnant, looking to prepare your body for the labor?

  • If you are postnatal and looking to strengthen your pelvic floor and core postpartum?

Mat Teacher in Training

I am a BASI certified teacher and I love the mat work. If you are a mat teacher in training and you are looking for hands on approach to prepare you for your exam, regardless of who have you done your training with, get in touch and am more than happy to assist you. 

I am of the opinion we need more people to do Pilates, therefore we need more Pilates teachers, like minded community who support each other. I do not see another Pilates teacher as a competition, there are enough clients for us all. My style of teaching may not suit everybody, however I don't want that to stop clients from practicing Pilates. I want everyone to find a teacher they fall in love with and fall in love with Pilates. 

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