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Thoracic Mobility

Shoulder impingement is a common issue and unfortunately it is very painful. Usually, it is mid range of shoulder ab-duction is causing the pain.

While you bring the arms by your sides palms facing your hips and start lifting them above your head, you will fill pain half way through (your arms are about breast height). However, if you continue lifting your arms towards the ceiling the pain is gone in the upper range.

One of the muscles of the rotator cuff (Supraspinatus) is responsible for this pain.

However, the correct alignment of the scapula will decrease the intensity of the pain and with time it may even eliminate it completely. If you try this test again raising your hands over your head but this time keep your palms facing forward and your thumbs sticking towards the ceiling (like you are hugging a massive tree, the eye of your elbow is facing up) it should automatically reduce the pain. Why, because of the correct alignment of your shoulder blade towards your ribs.

Quite often people are being told to rest and avoid any movement in their shoulder, however the risk of doing so is Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, and you do not want that!!!

If your range of motion in your shoulder is limited you need to practice a full range every day to avoid the condition of getting worse!

When strengthening your shoulders you always have to think of:

* Broaden you back like an eagle.

* Get your neck long, like a turtle sticking his head out of the turtle shell.

* Keep your shoulders away from your ears.

* When lifting your arms over head keep them in V shape, it will help keep scapula in place.

* Make sure the eye of your elbow is facing the ceiling.

This video shows a series of standing by the wall exercises / stretches for the first 6:40s I explain the technique. Remaining 8min I am completing 5 repetitions of each stretch in case you find it beneficial to do it with me.

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