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Squats are functional exercises which help restore the pelvic floor, wake up the lazy glutes and strengthen hamstrings & quads.

This set contains 5 exercises by 10 repetitions, you can either do one set or you can do more than one, which would be more beneficial. You will increase your heart rate, metabolism, boost your immune system and improve your overall mood & wellbeing.

The idea is you would repeat the set at least once a day for the full week and see if you would notice any difference in you body.

You could also invite your older children to participate, with babies you could place them on a blanket in front of you and they would be only delighted to watch you exercising. 🤪

I will be posting a set of 5 exercises every Monday, to strengthen different groups of muscles between our classes but also to add a little bit of cardio to our everyday lifes. Please let me know if you like the idea. Strengthening your muscles will mutually benefit your Pilates practice. 🤗

Squats are suitable for EPC (Early Postnatal Classes).

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