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Get Back Into Your Routine!

I hope you all had a good summer either you stayed in the country or went abroad.

It's September... ta dah..... time to get back slowly to your routines and to your Pilates.

As you know the more you practice the better your body feels. To help you creating your Pilates practice routine I have recorded a 16min full body workout for you.

Please make sure to schedule a time in your diary at first min 3 x week and increase it with time to 5 x week, around your weekly practice with me. Once your Pilates practice is in your diary then work the rest of your schedule around your practice.

Self-love is self-practice and it is NOT selfish. Read this again and again until you feel it in your bones!

If you think you will try to squeeze the practice into your day at some point, both Me and YOU know it ain't gonna happen. You need to plan your practice and make sure it is NOT pushed out of your daily plan by other things, which might be more important for others, however is it more important for you? Your body is the only home you ever gonna live in, look after it and your body will thank you in return.

During practice focus on control, precision and breath. If you have less then 16min reduce number of repetitions. If you have more time you can always increase a number of repetitions or repeat the whole sequence twice.

This practice is Post-Natal safe, however, in "Chest Lift" and with "Legs in Table Top" make sure your abdominals aren't coning / doming and you are able to control intra abdominal pressure.

To all of you make sure you are NOT arching your back when legs are in Table Top, try bringing knees closer to the chest or either set one leg down or both legs down on the floor and continue with the exercise.

I hope you will enjoy this short routine and it will help you settle into your classes, especially if you missed few due to summer holidays.

I am looking forward to see you on the mat and thank you for spending your practice with me. Please know I greatly appreciate each and everyone of you and love watching your progress.


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