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Balance & Stability

This week we are going to address our balance, stability, ankle joints, knee joints, hip flexors and hip extensors (these keep you upright), shoulder flexors and stability of our core.

As we get older it is extremely important to be able to safely come down to the floor and come up to standing. This simple everyday activity requires, great balance, strong glutes and hamstrings, it also requires strong core to help out swiftly lift your body to upright position.

I am introducing you to 3 exercises this week. You will repeat exercise 10 times, or hold it for the count of 10. The set up / alignment is crucial to execute exercises correctly. If you feel like 10 is too much reduce the number of repetitions but make sure you will maintain the form throughout. If you getting confused with breath, make sure you are exhaling on exertion.

Ideally if you could complete 3 rounds everyday or at least every other day and see how you feel afterwards (do let me know in the comments how did you get on 😉).

This set of exercises is save for everyone (including EPC), if you find your knees are bothering you when kneeling, make sure you have got enough padding underneath. And if you need any assistance of a chair or a table please use it. Safety first!!!

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