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Client Testimonials

"Having tried Pilates 10 years ago and only completing three out of the 6 classes I paid for, I really felt it just wasn't for me. However after having three children Pilates was recommended to me, reluctantly I looked for classes and found Joanna who was giving zoom classes. I was so unenthusiastic about my first class as I felt I was just going to hate it again. However, I was so pleasantly surprised. After my 30 mins zoom class I felt invigorated, and came away with a completely different view of Pilates than what I had before. And best of all I was at home when the class finished so no inconvenience of a journey home or looking for a babysitter to mind the kids while I did my class. Joanna is very passionate and knowledgeable about Pilates, I highly recommend her."

Carmel, Age 37, Postnatal

"Joanne's classes are amazing I started to do them a couple of months ago and look forward to them all week. She is so passionate about what she does it really shows and makes her classes amazing. She is so helpful and really shares her knowledge of Pilates with you in her classes. The virtual classes are brilliant and really suit a busy lifestyle and you really get a lot from them. 100% Recommend Joanna for Pilates."

Jennifer, Age 35, Postnatal

"Joanna is a fantastic Pilates coach, I enjoy her classes so much, and will definitely continue after pregnancy. Cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Fionnughla, Age 40, Antenatal

"Joanna is an amazing pilates teacher, she is passionate, highly knowledgeable and very motivating! Joanna takes you through each move step by step, including breathing tips and posture corrections. She explains the value of each exercise for the relevant part of the body, which I find very useful from a holistic perspective. If you’re looking for a pilates teacher, whatever level you’re at, I would highly recommend her! Looking forward to the next class!"

Ewa, Age 30, Postnatal

"Joanna is an excellent Pilates instructor, and really takes the time to make sure you're doing the moves correctly. Really enjoyed my classes, would definitely recommend!"

Linda, Age 27, All Levels

"Joanna is very patient and ensures that you are doing the stretches properly - which is so important for the session. Sessions via Zoom work very well and as the instructions are clear, you do not find yourself constantly looking at the screen. Highly recommended for a personal touch."

Melanie, Age 29, All Levels

"Pilates with Joanna is always a treat after a long day. Joanna is professional, detail oriented and keen to help you to exercise on the best possible level. She keeps her eyes on you and corrects your postures so you feel secure and in good hands. I especially love evening 30 mins classes for runners (via ZOOM) you can exercise from the comfort of your home. Thank you Jo!"

Marcela, Age 43, All Levels

"As a European & National Aquathlon Champion who represents GB, I find Pilates hugely beneficial. Since regularly doing Pilates with Joanna, I have found my muscles are looser and have been able to perform my hard sessions better without feeling stiff afterwards. I highly recommend Pilates and Joanna is very professional and patient."

Yian, Age 37, All Levels

"I will definitely keep going with classes on ZOOM, it was my first experience of it last week and despite a few unfortunate images I got of myself and my rear end I thought the class was great".

Kate, Age 43, All Levels

"Your online classes are much better than any previous classes I have done, thank you very much for it."

Sian, Age 43, All Levels

"Best Pilates classes & decision I made to sign up to classes twice weekly! I'm too embarrassed to post my before photos but I'm delighted with my progress after 8 weeks of Joanna's classes - thanks so much Joanna!"

Jessica, Age 34, All Levels

"Great class. Thanks Joanna. My body appreciates you. I can feel the difference Pilates is making."

Sian, Age 43, All Levels

"Joanna is a great instructor. Thanks to her knowledge and well prepared classes I could forget my back pains and finally enjoy walks with my kids. Zoom classes allow me to participate even from Italy. I haven't met better Pilates teacher yet. I really recommend."

Aneta, Age 38, All Levels

"Honestly, I don't know if I would have taken on the zoom classes if I did not have a few classes left in my course after restrictions closed the in person classes. I have found it fantastic though, it is still a very small group and Joanna's attention for detail is fantastic, she can correct your alignment with the most subtle comment, you really feel like you are in the class. All with the benefit of no commute!"

Kate, Age 43, Beg/Int

"Joanna is a brilliant teacher, she explains everything clearly, her knowledge is incredible and she is so upbeat and encouraging she makes the classes really enjoyable. ZOOM, makes it easier to fit the class in. Having children time for me is limited so online classes really make it so much easier to make the classes."

Jen, Age 35, Postnatal

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