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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

One in three older adults usually end up falling, from lack of balance. 20 to 30% of the falls sufferers, usually have some form of moderate to severe injury that occurs from falling. Also, most fractures that occur are caused by falls.

Once you fall, you start to develop fear of falling and that leads to lack of mobility, exercise and movement, because people become more fearful about moving and falling.

Therefore balance is extremely important. It overlaps so many parts of our life that we don't realize, just the ability to get down and up off the floor, to pick up your children or grandchildren, walking, hiking, running, playing golf or tennis or any other activity you choose to pursue.

It is very important to work on your balance at any age, to stand up tall and erect, to improve ability to move well and be able to bend over and stand up.

I have attached a video for you to watch, the first 9 min, I explain the 5 exercises, the correct form and what to watch out for. To complete this session you need a chair and a tennis ball (or similar ball that size) to make sure your legs are correctly aligned.

⭐ Next 14 min is an actual session with me, I hope it will make it easier for you, if we can do the whole set together.

Set yourself a reminder to do that set every day. You can do this 👊

Unless you suffer from pelvic griddle pain (PGP) please avoid this series. With PGP, you have to be cautious with weight distribution. You could only do the 1st and 3rd exercise, where weight is distributed evenly on both legs.

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